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The Center for Theological Integrity (CTI) at Northern Seminary helps churches and church leaders to explore the relationship between doctrine and practice. CTI believes in an integrated relationship between praxis and dogma, between what we do and what we believe. 

What is The Center for Theological Integrity? 

Pastoral Ministry: Calling and Resilience

Pastoral ministry is a difficult, demanding, and overwhelming vocation. Attrition rates for pastors are at an all-time high, and the cultural and interpersonal strain is only increasing. Can anything be done to alleviate the pressures of pastoral ministry?

In this Seminary Now course, Dr. Mark Quanstrom explores what it might look like for pastors to replace the faulty models of CEOs and celebrities and return to the path of Jesus as the example for pastoral ministry. 

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The Pastor's Table

Corporate leadership systems focused on vanity metrics have left today’s church leaders weary and burnt out. The Pastor’s Table brings you conversations with local pastors working out deep theological convictions in their churches. Hosted by Dr. Mark Quanstrom and Rev. Tara Beth Leach.

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